What we do

You can find Allied health professionals from the Older Adult, Rehabilitation and Allied Health Service across all areas of the hospital and outpatient clinics and working in the community.

Allied health includes a number of professions, including: 

Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function.  They review what you need to assist with walking and provide equipment if needed as well as exercises to improve movement, pain, weakness or balance.  They will see you at home, in outpatients or in the gym depending on your needs.

Occupational Therapists are experts in function.  They look at what you do during the day and what might help to achieve things you are struggling with.  They usually see you in your home environment to look at how you manage.

Speech-language Therapists are experts in problems with speech and communication.  They are also experts in swallowing and may be able to help if you are having difficulties with eating and drinking (e.g. coughing and choking, hard to get food down).

Dietitians are experts in nutrition and can give advice about food to help with your medical condition and advice on the foods to eat to keep you healthy.

Social Workers provide support for you and your family.  They are able to provide information, advocacy and supportive counselling to get you and your family and whānau through difficult times as well as advice about your rights as a patient.

Last updated 1 September 2020.