The Te Mahoe Unit at Wellington Regional Hospital provides abortion and counselling services.

Abortion care at Te Mahoe Unit (TMU)

Abortion care is an essential part of health care for all women. We will provide abortion care as early as possible in your pregnancy. Please contact us for advice on abortion and to book in an appointment with us.

If you are worried about being able to travel to hospital for any reason please contact us. Please let us know and we will work with you to find a solution that is best for you.


Changes to the law governing abortions took effect on 24 March 2020. There is now no longer a requirement for certifying consultants to certify the grounds for abortion.


The First Step

You can self-refer by contacting us directly by phoning Te Mahoe Unit on 04 806 0761. We will order a blood test to be completed before you come in for your first appointment. When you come to your first appointment, you can expect to have optional counselling, an ultrasound, medical assessment, vaginal swabs (self-test) and be booked in for your next appointment – your procedure date. The first appointment is not your procedure. If you already have an appointment with your GP or Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa you can ask them to refer you.You will need to come to Wellington hospital for your appointments.


Options available to you


Under 10 weeks pregnant

You will be able to opt for an early medical abortion if you are 10 weeks pregnant or under and have no medical or other issues that would make this option unsafe for you. If appropriate, you will have the option of going home to have your abortion, or staying in our day unit to complete the process.

You will need to come to Te Mahoe Unit at Wellington Hospital for the first stage of a medical abortion. If it is appropriate for you to do this process at home,you will be given the first medication and all other medications and information you need. This may not be possible in one visit depending on meeting all the necessary requirements and availability.

You’ll be given advice on:

  • How and when to take medications
  • A 24-hour number to ring if you have any complications or an emergency.
  • Follow up information.
  • A prescription for pain relief and anti-sickness medication
  • Contraception
  • Option to stay on the ward to complete the process and be supported by nursing staff


Later medical abortion over 10 weeks

Anyone over 10 weeks can still access a medical abortion here at Te Mahoe. This would involve coming in for the first medication and returning to the ward 24-48 hours later to have an induction of labour (IOL) with the support of our nursing and midwifery staff.


5-14+6 weeks pregnant surgical abortion

If you are between 5 to 14+6 weeks pregnant you can have a surgical termination with moderate sedation. The procedure is done by vacuum aspiration with local anaesthetic up to 14+6 weeks of pregnancy. You will be awake during the procedure, but will receive medication to keep you comfortable.

When you come in for your first appointment, we will ensure it is appropriate for you to have a surgical procedure. We will then book you to come back for your day two appointment – your procedure. Your procedure does not happen at this first appointment.

If you are receiving any sedation at all, you will need someone to drive you home, as you are not allowed to drive for 18 hours following a procedure.


15-19+6 Weeks Pregnant General Anaesthetic Abortion

After you are 15 weeks pregnant, your surgical abortion will be done under general anaesthetic. This is a two-day appointment/procedure which depends on your gestational age. We will discuss this with you on your day one appointment.


Over 20 weeks pregnant

The decision for abortion after 20 weeks is made following a discussion and assessment with a medical practitioner.


Counselling services

Counselling is optional, but we highly recommend people utilise our counselling service here at Te Mahoe. Abortion counselling is there to support you in making a decision about your pregnancy when you are unsure about what your options. Our helping professionals can offer you support if the option of abortion is chosen and you are feeing alone in that decision. It can be difficult to tell other people, and this is where a neutral supporter can be helpful.

There are other departments within the hospital which may be able to offer extra support for you during your time with us. Pacific Health and Whānau Care Services are here to provide cultural support for pacific and māori patients and their whānau. Please talk to us if you would like this extra support and we can arrange an appropriate referral to be done.

We also offer a counselling phone service, however, you may still need to come into Te Mahoe if necessary. Our trained administration team will speak to you confidentially on the phone to make sure you access the most appropriate consultation for your situation.

Post-abortion counselling is there for you and your whānau. You can access this anytime by calling through to reception and making a follow-up counselling appointment.


We have a no children policy at Te Mahoe. Exemptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Last updated 20 June 2024.