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Location and maps

Kenepuru Community Hospital is located at 16 Hospital Drive, Kenepuru, Porirua City.

Downloadable maps

Finding your way around

Our meet-and-greet volunteers (see below) at the main entrance can help you find your way to services within the hospital. There is a also map directory at the entrance of Kenepuru Hospital.

Hospital volunteer service

When you come to the hospital you may be greeted by a hospital volunteer who can guide you to your appointment if you need help.

If you wish to know more about the Wellington Hospitals Foundation hospital volunteer service or about becoming a volunteer please visit www.whf.org.nz.



Bikes are welcome at Kenepuru Community Hospital. There are bike racks located by the entrance, close to the Shuttle stop.


There is a bus stop at the main entrance to Kenepuru Community Hospital. Kenepuru train station is around a 10-minute walk from the hospital.

For routes and timetables phone Metlink on 0800 801 700 or use the journey planner at https://www.metlink.org.nz/#plan.

Taxis are also available from the front entrance of the hospital.

Transport between CCDHB sites

There is a free patient shuttle between Wellington Regional Hospital and Kenepuru Community Hospital and the door-to-door service provided by the organisation ASK (A Safe Kapiti) to patients travelling to Wellington or Kenepuru hospitals from the Kapiti Coast.

Read more about these transport options here.


Parking is free at Kenepuru Hospital. Patient and visitor parking is located at the front of the hospital.

Visiting hours and visitors

Please do not visit the hospital wards if you are unwell as this can compromise the health of all our patients.

COVID-19 alert level changes. Restrictions on visiting are to ensure the safety of patients and staff by minimising avoidable contact and the potential for spread of the virus. Check current visiting hours here

If you are wanting to visit ward 4 at Kenepuru Hospital, please phone first on 04 385 5999 before coming in.

Visiting hours

Adult wards: Visiting hours are between 10am and 1pm and between 3pm and 8pm (1pm to 3pm is a rest period).  

Please note that, in the case of very sick or special needs patients, longer visiting hours can be arranged with the charge nurse.

Mental health: Visits need to be discussed with the team leader prior to visiting.

Send a message to a patient

This service allows you to send a fax message to a friend or family member in a ward within Kenepuru Hospital.

To make use of this facility please call (04) 385 5999 and ask the operator to send a message through to the ward. The message will be added to a fax greeting and sent through to the ward and on to the patient.

Whānau rooms for families

These are available on levels 1 & 2 for all whānau visiting patients on the wards, and provides a place for larger gatherings.

The hospital is part of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and these rooms also offer a quiet space for nursing mothers.

Admission to hospital

Read more about admission to one of our hospitals.

This page will help you prepare for a hospital stay and has information about what to bring with you and what to arrange before you leave home, meals and services during your stay and what happens when you're discharged.

Returning hospital equipment

You can return borrowed hospital equipment - such as crutches, wheelchairs or bathroom chairs -  to the Security Orderlies office in the main reception area of Kenepuru Community Hospital at 16 Hospital Drive, Kenepuru, Porirua City. This office  is open from 7am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

When we lend any equipment we will provide a date when they are to be returned. This date is agreed with your doctor, nurse or specialist and is based on the time they estimate you'll need it to support your recovery from illness, an accident or surgery.

If you need the equipment for longer, please call the Central Equipment team on (04) 918 6334 who will arrange for an extension. 

There is no charge for equipment, or fee if they are returned late. 

We appreciate people returning equipment when they no longer need them. This means they are on hand to lend to other patients who need them, and we don't have to spend money buying replacement items, which could be spent on providing other health services to our communities. 

You can also return equipment to our Hutt Valley or Wellington Regional Hospitals - find out how on our website. 


Need an interpreter, a wheelchair or help from an orderly?

Need an interpreter?

Interpreter services can be made available to people who meet specific criteria. For outpatient appointments, interpreting services should be booked in advance.

Deaf patients can request a sign language interpreter. Find out more about booking an interpreter.

Need a wheelchair or help from an orderly?

Phone us on 04 385 5999 extension 86100 before you visit to arrange this.

Health information, consent and body parts and tissues

Your health information

We collect and hold information about all of our patients so we can provide the right care and treatment. Your information is confidential and the only staff who are allowed to see your records are those who are involved in your care.

If you are or have been a patient or client of CCDHB you have a right to ask and be given access to personal health information.

Read more about accessing health information here.

How is your information used?

Your family doctor gets a summary of your treatment and any special instructions they need to know, unless you ask us not to do this. If you don’t want us to send this information to your family doctor, please let us know when you are admitted to hospital or come in for an appointment at the hospital or health centre.

Some patient information is used in a general way to help with research and planning so we can improve our services but there are strict rules about how we do this and your privacy is always protected. By law we have to provide some details to a secure health register if you have certain cancers and infectious diseases. The law provides protection for your information and we comply with these laws.

Your consent to treatment

You may need to make choices about your treatment and care. We will provide the information you need in a way you can understand. You can expect to be able to discuss your options with us privately and in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

When you have decided what to do, you will be asked to give your consent. Your consent is needed for all treatment. You can ask questions and change your mind at any time. You are welcome to have a support person or kaiawhina with you.

Body parts and tissues

If tissue is taken from you for testing or any part of your body is removed, you can ask to have this returned to you. Otherwise we keep the tissue or body part for four weeks and then cremate it.

Chaplains and quiet room

Our chaplaincy staff can be contacted by pager through the hospital operator, or ask your nurse to contact us.

Chaplaincy staff: Kath MacLean (Pager 2725), Noel Tiano (Pager 7543) and Amy Finiki (Pager 2808)

At Kenepuru there is a quiet room on first floor between wards 4 and 5 available to staff, patients or visitors who need a place for reflection, prayer or simply time out.

A similar room is available near Outpatients on the ground floor.

We are available for:

  • Pastoral visits, counselling, prayer, and communion on request any time from the chaplains.
  • Blessings, funerals and weddings.
  • Worship services every Sunday at 9.30am (includes communion), everybody welcome.
  • ·ard communions Thursday mornings at your bedside.
  • Chaplaincy Assistants visit during the week.

The Chapel is open 8.30am to 4pm weekdays.

Kenepuru chaplains

Pictured above: Kenepuru Chaplains Amy Bell Finiki, Noel Tiano and Kath MacLean (left to right).

Flowers, gifts, letters and parcels

Flowers, gifts, letters or parcels should be clearly marked with the patient’s name and ward.

Postal address for letters and parcels:

Kenepuru Community Hospital
PO Box 50215

Physical address for delivery of flowers and gifts:

Kenepuru Community Hospital
16 Hospital Drive

Services and facilities

Internet access (WiFi)

For patients staying overnight, free WiFi is available at Wellington Regional Hospital, Kenepuru Community Hospital and Kapiti Health Centre. Find out more including instructions for how to connect here.


Poppies Cafe is located in the hospitals main entrance foyer and is open 7.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Vibe Café is located on the Ground Floor of Ward Block and is open 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday. The seating area is available 24/7.

Public toilets

Public toilets are located on the main corridor of the clinical services block and next to the Accident & Medical Service.

Disabled toilets are located opposite the Radiology/X-Ray unit.

Post office box

This is located opposite the ATM machine and is cleared daily at 2.30pm.

Last updated 1 May 2023.