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What we do

Our Anaesthesia and pain management teams work with teams across  Wellington Regional and Kenepuru Community Hospitals to help patients manage pain during and after surgery and other medical procedures.

In our hospitals, anaesthetists work in:

  • Operating theatres at Wellington Regional Hospital and Kenepuru Hospital
  • Delivery Suite
  • Radiology, Angiography, CT, MRI & Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiotherapy
  • Gastroenterology
  • Cardiac Catheter Laboratory
  • Emergency Department
  • Intensive Care Unit

Acute Pain Service

Our Acute Pain service works with patients in the wards at Wellington Regional and Kenepuru Community Hospital to help ensure patients are comfortable after their surgery or procedure. 

Other services

Anaesthesia provides outpatient services for Anaesthesia Pre-Assessment of Surgical and Obstetric patients, for patients who have had allergic reactions to anaesthetic drugs, and for patients referred for control of Chronic Pain.

Useful resources

Health Questionnaire CCDHB - Adult (PDF, 384.4 KB)
For patients aged 17 years and older.

Health Questionnaire CCDHB - Children (PDF, 298.1 KB)
For patients less than 17 years old.

After your chilid’s anaesthesia


Specialists and surgeons carrying out procedures where anaesthesia is needed will arrange for an anaesthetist to administer medication and provide care.

All patients who are booked, or placed on waiting lists, for operations/procedures where the surgeon thinks the patient will need anaesthesia care MUST complete the appropriate Adult or Children's ( if younger than 17yrs) Health Questionnaire. The questionnaire is normally completed at the surgical outpatient clinic when the decision is made to operate. This questionnaire must be filled out and signed before your surgery can go ahead.

Contact Us

We are based on Level 3 of the Clinical Services Block at Wellington Regional Hospital.  View map

Phone: 04 385 5920

Email: Anaesthesia.Department@ccdhb.org.nz

Last updated 13 October 2023.