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What we do

Our Pharmacy Service provides medications to all patients in Wellington Regional Hospital, Kenepuru Community Hospital and our mental health facilities.

As well as dispensing medicines, our pharmacists also provide advice to other health professionals on using medicines.  They also give patients information about their medicines and the best way to use them.

Our pharmacy does not provide medicines to the general public.  In some cases, we will dispense restricted medicines not available from a community pharmacy.

Managing your medications when you are referred to hospital specialists

When you are admitted to hospital, we encourage you to bring any medicines you are taking, or a list of those medicines.   Your GP should also note your medication details on any referral letters sent to specialists at the hospital.

Contact Us

Pharmacy services are based at Wellington Regional Hospital.

Main pharmacy line: 04 385 5353

If you want to express your concerns or provide any positive or negative feedback on our service, please contact:

Michelle Saunders,Service manager, Pharmacy Services, Wellington Hospitalm
Email: Michelle.saunders@ccdhb.org.nz
Phone: (04) 385 5354

Last updated 12 September 2023.