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What we do

Our community health service are also known as District nurses. These nurses provide care to people in their homes or at community clinics - throughout the Wellington region.

Our nurses work with other services such as Oncology, Mary Potter Hospice, ORA and Therapies.

We provide care at home, including:

  • Specialist nursing care to prevent a hospital admission or follow up support for patients after they leave hospital. This includes caring for people who have had a Stoma, or Tracheostomy
  • home-based chemotherapy services
  • Assessment and treatment of complex and chronic wounds (for instance Doppler assessments or compression bandaging).
  • Compression Bandaging
  • Venous Leg Ulcer Care
  • Doppler Assessment 
  • Administering medication at home
  • Assessing respiratory conditions and support managing chronic respiratory disease, including providing oxygen to be used at home and other support to improve lung function.
  • Help with eating through feeding tubes
  • Care of patients with long-term conditions
  • Continence assessment and treatments, including bladder scanning and treatment of children with chronic bed wetting conditions
  • Palliative care services in partnership with Mary Potter Hospice (MPH )
  • Short term home support services, personal care and home help

Nurse led clinics

Our nurses also run clinics at Kenepuru Community Health Building Kenepuru, Kapiti Health Centre Paraparaumu and the Ewart Building Wellington. If you requirement specialised nursing treatment and you are able to drive, your GP or after hospital admission you can be referred to a district nurse clinic.

Find out more about the clinics


This service operates Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

An on call District Nurse can be contacted after hours.  Please ring one of the numbers below and the nurse will ring you back. 

Community Health Wellington (04) 806 2556

Community Health Kenepuru (04) 918 2011

Community Health Kāpiti (04) 903 0224


Care is provided based on an assessment of need.

Your GP can you refer you to the district nurse service or you may be referred after a hospital admission, if you require specialised nursing care.

Read more about being discharged from hospital and into the care of the district nursing service (coming soon).


There are no charges for home based care provided by our district nurses.

Last updated 16 July 2021.