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What we do

Our neurosurgery service treats diseases of the nervous system, including the disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

What we do

We perform surgery in hospital. Patients with urgent neurosurgical problems are referred directly from the Emergency Department at Wellington Regional Hospital for urgent assessment and surgery.

If your condition is not as urgent, you’ll be asked to come into an outpatient clinic appointment.

At your first appointment, we’ll assess your symptoms. This usually takes 60-90 minutes. We’ll also:

  • do a general assessment so we can determine how your condition has affected you
  • discuss your surgery options with you. Some neurological conditions can be managed without surgery.

You may then be booked in for surgery or more appointments if further assessment is required.


You must be referred to our service by a medical doctor – your GP will usually do this.  You may also be referred by another hospital doctor.

Our team

When you come in for an appointment, you may meet:

  • Neurosurgeons – who will perform surgery to treat your neurological condition
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Nurses

Contact Us

Neurosurgery inpatients are cared for in Ward 7 South at Wellington Regional Hospital.

If you have an outpatient appointment, this will be in the outpatient department on Level 2, Wellington Regional Hospital.

Last updated 15 September 2020.