Concerto availability status:

No known issues

Possible errors when accessing Concerto in Internet Explorer from Medtech 32

The following errors may be encountered when accessing Concerto in Internet Explorer from Medtech 32. Errors in other browsers may differ slightly:




I have no Concerto icon on my MedTech 32 desktop.

Concerto icon

Screenshot showing Concerto iconContact Compass Health to request MedTech-Concerto access.
I’m getting a “Clinical Portal is unavailable” message.Screenshot showing Clinical portal is unavailableConcerto may have been taken down for maintenance or an unexpected error may have caused Concerto to stop responding.
Refer to the published availability status on this page and please try again later.
Concerto is asking me for a user name and password.

Screenshot showing box asking for username and password


Screenshot showing http status 401

If you’ve been set up correctly in Concerto and Medtech, authentication should happen automatically.


Please contact the 3DHB ICT Service Desk on the email address or phone number below.

I’m getting a navigation to the webpage error.Screenshot showing navigation error

You need a valid Health Link client certificate installed on your computer.


Please contact your IT provider.

Connection fails because URL is wrong.Screenshot showing http status 404Please contact your IT provider.
I can’t connect to Concerto.

Screenshot showing navigation to the web page was cancelled


Screenshot showing This program cannot display the webpage

Your connection has failed. This could be because you have no internet connection or Connected Health may not be available.


Please contact your IT provider.

A clinical letter won't open.

Screenshot showing unapproved letter


Screenshot showing unapproved letter

There is a known problem with opening unapproved clinical letters. Please check later if the letter has been approved.
I’m receiving a script error in Medtech.Script error message

This error occurs when you have a patient record open and attempt to open a second record.


Please close your Concerto window before opening a new patient

I can’t make any changes to the patient record in Concerto.n/aGP access to Concerto is read only.

For any other faults

Please fill in this form and someone from the 3DHB ICT service desk will respond as soon as possible.

Last updated 3 April 2024.