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What we do

Neurology deals with diseases and disorders that affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord,nerves and muscles) how it controls various parts of the body and the diseases and disorders that may affect it.

Our team looks at how the nervous system controls various parts of the body as well as the diseases and disorders that may affect it.

When you come to an appointment, you will see either a neurologist or a neurology registrar (a doctor training to become a specialist and who is under supervision of a neurologist).

They will ask you about your and review of any medications you are on. The doctor may also review any old notes and previous problems you have had.

The doctors will then do some tests to investigate your condition. This may include testing your memory and concentration as well as other aspects of thinking processes.  It also involves examining how well the nerves to your head and body are working.  They may also do a physical examination of parts of your body affected by your condition.

The specialist, registrar, or house surgeon will discuss your diagnosis with you. They may also recommend further tests or treatments.  They will then talk to your GP about your diagnosis, results of tests and a treatment plan.  You may then have come for follow up appointments in our clinic or receive further care from your GP.

In some cases you may be admitted to hospital for treatment or testing.

Stroke Service

The Neurololgy Service also runs an outpatient stroke clinic based in the Clinical Measurement Unit on Level 2 of Wellington Regional Hospital. The Neurology Service oversees a comprehensive acute stroke service for for Wellington Region as well as providing a telestroke (video) Service for surrounding DHB’s (Wairarapa, Nelson Malborough, Hawkes Bay, Midcentral, Whanganui and Taranaki).

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Your GP will refer you to see a neurologist if they think you have a problem that involves the nervous system and that needs specialist help in diagnosing or treating that condition.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything to parepare for my appointment?

Before coming to our clinic you may be asked to undergo some tests or these tests will be arranged after your appointment with the neurologist.  These are described below in detail.


Should I bring anything?

Our doctors will talk to you about medications you are taking.  Please bring along a list of your medications including the doses and time of the day the medicines are taken.

Our team

Our specialists often work together on your treatment. You may meet:

  • Doctors –  doctors who specialse in this field are called Neurologists
  • Surgeons - doctors who specialse in this field are called Neurosurgeons
  • As a teaching hospital, resident medical Officers of different seniorities as well as medical students may be present
  • Nurses
  • Clinical physiologists and neuropsychologists - who are experts in assessing different functions of the brain or nervous system.  Their assessment may be requested to help the neurologist make a diagnosis or to help plan treatment.
  • Physiotherapist – who provides physical therapy to assist with any disability you have. 
  • Occupational therapists - who review what equipment/advice will help you with your day to tasks.

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Last updated 15 September 2020.