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What we do

Social workers assess, support, and strengthen social, emotional, relational and psychological wellbeing to ensure the best possible health outcomes, interdependence, autonomy, and dignity of life for individuals, families and whānau, and communities.

Social workers work in many services across our DHB and provide support both in hospital and in the community across our CCDHB region.

Social workers can provide support if you:

  • need support services after leaving hospital or need help liaising with existing community support
  • live alone and are no longer coping
  • require rest home or hospital level care
  • have been admitted to hospital and are a caregiver for another person
  • it is suspected or you have disclosed you are a victim of family violence or neglect
  • you have suffered non-accidental injury
  • you are in hospital and are unusually anxious, stressed or depressed
  • require support to manage the impact of your diagnosis or treatment
  • require support regarding grief, loss or bereavement
  • are alcohol or drug dependent
  • have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event
  • require assistance to manage the impact of stillbirth or miscarriage
  • are in hospital and you family/whānau require assistance
  • are unable to work or drive due to your health condition
  • have requested to see a social worker
  • require practical support due to your health condition such as:

    • accommodation
    • transport
    • travel
    • personal alarms
    • legal matters
    • meals
    • finances
    • childcare arrangements
    • emergency food 
    • mobility parking 
    • home help


Outpatient referrals

Referrals to our outpatient service need to come from a health professional, such as your GP or a specialist doctor. Health professionals can refer to our Social Work team by

  • Making an Ereferral (preferred) via MedTech – Select the discipline/s that you are requesting
  • Scanning and emailing a referral to the Booking Centre email: RES-PrimCareRef@ccdhb.org.nz

Please include any history pertaining to the referral and clear reasoning for the referral.  There are sub specialty groups within Allied Health disciplines, so please be as specific as you can so we can connect you with the correct service.

Community referrals

You can refer yourself to our service, but we prefer a referral by a health professional. To self refer please fill out this form and email to RES-OpBkOraChs@ccdhb.org.nz

To refer to Allied Health clinicians working in the community:

  • Make an Ereferral (preferred) via MedTech – Select the discipline/s that you are requesting
  • Scanning and emailing a referral to the Booking Centre email: RES-OpBkOraChs@ccdhb.org.nz


Contact Us

Social Work Service
Level 10, Grace Neill Block
Wellington Hospital
Private Bag 7902
Wellington 6242

Tel: (04) 806 2373

Last updated 26 March 2021.