The Capability Team within the Māori Health Development Group provides leadership, guidance and advice in the development of capability for Māori and non-Māori. This includes:

  • provider capability development
  • workforce development
  • integration of the Māori perspective within mainstream services and strategies
  • supporting staff to become more responsive to Māori
  • building the organisation’s capability to achieve breakthroughs and major advances in Māori health.


Cheryl Goodyer
Manager, Capability
Māori Health Development Group

Kia Ora Hauora - workforce development programme

Kia Ora Hauora is an innovative Māori health workforce development programme. Kia Ora Hauora seeks to increase the overall number of Māori working in the health and disability sector by recruiting Māori into health career pathways.

Why is Kia Ora Hauora so important?

The health needs of New Zealanders are growing. Māori health needs are significantly higher. Developing the Māori health workforce to meet future Māori health service needs is one part of the solution to ensuring the quality of the New Zealand health system in the future.

Who is Kia Ora Hauora targeting?

Kia ora Hauora will focus on four key groups:

  • Māori studying at secondary level,
  • Māori who are studying at tertiary level,
  • Māori who are in work and considering a career change, and
  • Māori who are in the community, considering a return to the workforce.

What will Kia Ora Hauora do?

Kia Ora Hauora will provide information resources and undertake initiatives across the motu to support Māori to engage in health career study pathways.

What should you do now?

If you are Māori and want to know more about a career in health, the Kia Ora Hauora website has all the initial information and support you need.

You can read about career planning, scholarships, study tips and what’s happening with Kia Ora Hauora in your local region. There is even information for your whānau on how to support you as you work towards your career.

Don’t think you made the right subject choices or been out of school for a while?

No worries, there are many bridging courses and support offered at tertiary institutions for Māori tauira. You are not alone on your pathway to a health career. You can watch videos about other Māori like you who have braved the wero and are now working in health at

Noreira, whānau ma, Māori ma, if you want to know more about working in Hauora, register on, follow us on Facebook or email



Leigh Andrews

Central Region Coordinator

Kia Ora Hauora

extn. 06 946 9800
cell. 027 222 4378



Hauora Māori training fund

This training fund will support the non-regulated workforce to develop formal competencies in their current roles, and develop their potential to move into other health sectors as relevant.

Last updated 6 April 2023.