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What we do

Immunology is the study of the structure, function and disorders of the immune system. Our immune system protects us from infection and sometimes this system is not working as it should, resulting in diseases.

Our immunologists treat patients with conditions relating to the damage that can be done to the body’s own tissues by the immune system (autoimmunity), allergies and study the role of the immune system in non-infectious diseases, such as cancer.

Our team

Dr Nicholas Kennedy – Rheumatologist
Immunology Consultant

Dr Richard Steele
Immunology Consultant


Your GP will refer you to the Immunology service.  One of the immunologists will review the referral and decide whether or not an appointment is required. If you have any change in your condition before you come to your appointment, please return to see your GP immediately.

Frequently asked questions

What happens at my appointment?

Our clinic doctor will assess you and discuss with you what is wrong, what tests might be needed to find out what is wrong, and what treatments are possible.

Sometimes, it may be clear from the family doctor or other hospital referral what testing is required. In that case we will make an appointment for you to have the test instead of coming into a clinic.

A letter about your results and suggested treatment will be sent to your GP.

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  1. any letters or reports from your GP or another hospital
  2. any X-rays, CT (computer tomography) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) films and reports that you have at home.
  3. all medicines you are currently taking, including herbal and natural remedies; or a written list of all these.

Contact Us

We’re based in the Clinical Measurement Unit at Wellington Regional Hospital.

Please call (04) 806 0992 if you have questions about a scheduled appointment.

Last updated 1 September 2020.