Address and contact details

Address: 1 Rewa Terrace, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: (04) 232 7193


Fees and enrolments


Accepting new patients?

Disabled access

Location: 1 Rewa Terrace, Tawa

The surgery is located at the end of a side road, which runs off the west side of main road in central Tawa. The road also provides access to commercial premises, and a dance school.

The corner site has three off street car-parks immediately adjacent to the surgery door for patients. None are designated for Mobility Parking Permit holders and users would have to back out onto a narrow street which at times would be busy with dance students and commercial vehicles.

Patients with a Mobility Parking Permit can park in the doctors' car parks provided the receptionist is informed.

Access from the car park to reception

  • Access from the car-park is via the public footpath to a ramp leading to the surgery doors
  • There is a door-sill of 5cm at the end of the ramp
  • There is no handrail on this ramp but it needs to be noted that the length of the ramp and the incline is such that its absence would not pose a difficulty for a wheelchair user
  • The front doors are not electronic


  • Off-street car park
  • Easy access for people with limited ambulatory ability
  • Clear signage
  • Wheelchair accessible reception counter
  • Barrier-free corridors and doorways.
Last updated 27 April 2021.