Address and contact details

Address: Level 2, AMI Plaza, 342 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Phone: (04) 472 6024



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Disabled access


There is lift and escalator access from Lambton Quay. From the Street Level which is Level 1 of the AMI Plaza take the lift up one floor to Level 2.

For carparking there is the Travel Lodge/Tournament car park building. The entrance to this car park is from Gilmer Terrace which is off Boulcott Street. From level 8, take the lift down to Level 4 of the Plimmer Tower building, then go to the lift at the opposite end of this floor (past the retail area) down to Level 1. From here, walk across the courtyard into AMI Plaza.

  • All doors on the route are electronic with no thresholds
  • The Medical Centre itself has an automatic door with no threshold


  • Public carpark building off Gilmer Terrace
  • Escalator and lift access from Lambton Quay
  • Wheelchair access from Gilmer Terrace via 2 lifts from Level 8, and Level 4 of the Plimmer Tower building.

There is plenty of room to manoeuvre a wheelchair within the practice, with an onsite bathroom available.


Last updated 27 April 2021.