MB CHB (NZ) 1956, MRACP 1960, MRCP (LOND) 1961, FRACP 1970, FRCP (LOND) 1977




Peter was House Surgeon and then Medical Registrar at Wellington Hospital in the years 1957 - 1959.
He then went to the UK for PG training, first to Birmingham where he was Medical Registrar in general medicine and cardiology at the General Hospital 1960 - 1961.   Peter was then Registrar at the National Heart Hospital, London, 1961 - 1963


Returning to Wellington Hospital he was appointed Cardiologist, a position he held until retiring in 2000.  Peter was Head of Cardiology 1979 - 1997, and was Clinical Leader, Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery 1997 - 1999.

Peter's contribution to the development of cardiology at Wellington Hospital has been significant.   He founded the first CCU in 1967.  He pioneered many new techniques in the cardiac catheterisation lab including:



  • transseptal catheterisation (Brockenbrough technique) 1963
  • Zucker catheter pressure/electrogram study for Ebstein's Anomaly 1964
  • Ear-piece dye dilution studies 1964
  • first cineangiogram 1964
  • balloon atrial septostomy 1969
  • first selective coronary cineangiogram 1969
  • first His-bundle electrogram 1972
  • with Richard Thompson, first PTCA 18/6/86
  • first coronary rotablator use 27/3/96

Peter performed the 1000th PTCA on 17/9/97.

Above all and at all times, Peter ascribed to clinical excellence.

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