1908 - 2005

MB CHB (NZ) 1932, MD (NZ) 1936, MRCP (LOND) 1936, MRACP 1952, FRACP 1958,



Verney's undergraduate years were marked by a number of awards and distinctions.  He was House Surgeon and Medical Registrar at Wellington Hospital before heading off to London for PG experience.
Verney was House Physician at the City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Heart and Lungs, and then RMO, the National Heart Hospital.
He returned to NZ as Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Otago, 1941-42.
There followed WW2 service after which he returned to Wellington to take the appointment of Resident Physician, a position he held from 1946 - 1974.

Verney pioneered a number of innovations at the hospital including cardiac catheterisation.   The first such study was performed on 14/12/1951.  He undertook a total of fourteen studies, the last being done on 25/8/1953.

Verney also undertook the first haemodialysis in Australasia in 1958 and founded the Renal Unit in 1964. 

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