Our Quality and Leadership Programme (QLP) is a professional development pathway within midwifery.

It is aimed at assisting and supporting midwives to further develop their knowledge and skills and promote quality care for women and babies. 

The QLP also provides a mechanism through which we can acknowledge, value and encourage the professional development of midwives and recognise the additional roles many undertake.  

We strongly support QLP progression and would like to invite you to apply. 

We can assist you in preparing your portfolio should you wish to apply. Successful entry onto the QLP carries a financial reward which is dependent on the domain achieved and your FTE. 

Currently a confident midwife is eligible for an additional $3000 pro-rata per annum, while a leadership midwife is eligible for an additional $4500 pro-rata per annum. 

Re-submission is three years, but should you wish to progress from confident to leadership domain you do not need to wait three years to apply. The application process is easy so contact our team today for help.

Who to contact:

If you want to discuss your application or require assistance, please contact one of the QLP assessors: 

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Last updated 8 August 2023.