Working in a different country from where you trained is both exciting and challenging. Here at Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley we love having overseas midwives join our team and share their maternity experience.  

If you are interested in working with us the first thing you need to do is register with the Midwifery Council of New Zealand.

The Midwifery Council need to compare your education provider’s transcripts with the New Zealand education standards to ensure they are similar. The Midwifery Council can advise you one what steps you may need to take to achieve midwifery registration in New Zealand.   

You will need to submit several documents to gain registration and this process can take some time to complete. 

Once your registration process is underway with Midwifery Council, we can discuss those opportunities that are available within our  district.

All job offers will be subject to you meeting your work visa or residency requirements with Immigration New Zealand. 

An annual practising certificate must be issued by Midwifery Council of New Zealand before any internationally qualified midwife can start work. 

Please note that ‘registration’ and the ‘issuing of a practice certificate’ involve a two-step process in New Zealand.  

To support midwives transitioning into a different maternity environment we have a team of dedicated midwifery clinical coaches who will help nurture you and navigate the New Zealand system.  


If you would like to discuss midwifery roles at Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley District please email or phone 027 836 0294.


Last updated 7 March 2023.