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About the PDRP

The Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP) is a clinically focused competency-based programme for nurses. It is a national programme, endorsed by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Nurses Organisation. While PDRPs have to comply with both the National Framework for PDRPs (2017) and the NCNZ Framework for Approval of PDRPs (2013), organisations are able to adapt their PDRP to include specific requirements. Capital & Coast, MidCentral and Whanganui Districts have aligned their PDRPs to meet the above frameworks. 

The three PDRPs include:


PDRP for enrolled nurses


PDRP for registered nurses


PDRP for senior nurses



PDRP Handbooks & Resources

The PDRP information booklets contain information about CCDHB, MDHB and WDHB's PDRP, its development and goals, how to apply to the different levels and how to maintain a level.

Education & Workshops


PDRP Workshops

Portfolio development workshops (2 hours)

  • Proficient

-Dates to be added

  • Expert

-Dates to be added

  • Senior

-Dates to be added



PDRP Assessor Updates (1 hour)

-Dates to be added


PRDP Assessor Workshops (8 hours) 

The PDRP Assessor Workshop is also available for nurses and managers who complete PDRP Portfolio Assessments.

-Dates to be added



All are available for booking via Connect Me (Capital & Coast employees) or contact sara.robinson@ccdhb.org.nz for booking 


Portfolio templates

Please ensure your portfolio is correctly composed using the content requirements and templates listed in the sections below for 3 yearly PDRP portfolios.
• Templates for Expanded Scope (Contact sara.robinson@ccdhb.org.nz)
NETP and NESP resources for using the electronic PDRP

Transfer of PDRP

The transfer of PDRP is required for nurses who are new to the organisation (external transfers) or who are existing employees transferring to a new role within the organisation (internal transfers). For nurses in the primary sector, the new employing organisation must have a PDRP Agreement (MOU) with the district.
Transfer application forms must be completed and sent to: professional.development@ccdhb.org.nz
At Capital & Coast transfer of PDRP is valid until the expiration of the original portfolio, or for 12 months from the date of employment.
To remain current on the PDRP, a new portfolio of evidence reflecting the current area and level of practise must be completed and assessed as meeting all requirements prior to the expiration date of the transferred PDRP. Please note, the time frame for assessment is 4-6 weeks.
For all other organisations, please contact the PDRP Coordinator, as per the Contact details on Page 3 of the PDRP Handbooks.

Huarahi Whakatū PDRP

The Nursing and Midwifery Leadership (NAML) group recognise the Huarahi Whakatū Maori PDRP as a legitimate programme that supports Maori Nursing workforce across the Capital & Coast Nursing services. For more information about the Huarahi Whakatū PDRP please visit the Te Rau Matatau website.

Who to contact

  • Please refer to the PDRP handbooks for full information regarding PDRP
  • You can contact the CNE, CNS, CNM or Nurse Director/ professional lead for your service
  • For specific inquiries please contact the PDRP coordinator or professional development coordinator at your district.

Capital & Coast

Sara Robinson

Nurse Coordinator Professional Development

sara.robinson@ccdhb.org.nz DDI (04) 806 0594 Cell: 027 406 4989



Pauline Humm-Johnson

Nurse Educator

Pauline.Humm-Johnson@wdhb.org.nz Cell: 027 491 5264



Jenna Barugh

Nurse Educator PDRP and Projects

Jenna.Barugh@midcentraldhb.govt.nz DDI (06) 350 9146

Last updated 24 August 2023.