Haere mai, welcome

CCDHB is a place where staff, patients, whānau and friends work together to care for sick and injured people. We want a safe and calm environment for everyone. We have zero tolerance to violence, aggression or harassment of any kind towards staff, patients or visitors. This includes; intimidation or threats,swearing, shouting, racial or sexual comments, physical aggression towards people or property.

Please treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We all share the same goal – to care for patients. Please treat all ourpatients, staff and visitors with respect and dignity.

Please respect our rules.

These are required to ensure the best outcome for our patients.

Please talk to us if you are feeling frustrated or stressed.

Patients get better faster when we use calm voices and work together as a team. Use our whānau spaces or take a break outside if you are overwhelmed.

We want our place to be a safe place for all.

We are all responsible for making our place a safe place for everyone.

Ma tini, ma mano, ka rapa te whai – by joining together we will succeed.

Last updated 18 June 2018.