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At Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB), we’re concerned for the health and wellbeing of all staff, patients and visitors.

Smoking kills an estimated 5000 people in New Zealand every year. Most smokers want to quit, and there are simple and effective interventions that can be routinely provided in both primary and secondary care.

CCDHB is proud to be smokefree

This means that smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings, car parks or on our grounds. Our staff may ask those seen smoking to extinguish cigarettes and move off site to smoke. Please also refrain from smoking near the entrances to our grounds.

All patients:

  • Will be made aware of the smokefree policy as soon as it’s reasonably practical.
  • Will be asked their smoking status when they're admitted to hospital. Smokers will be advised and supported to quit smoking. We can supply nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for the duration of the hospital stay.
  • All patients who smoke will be offered a referral to a stop smoking service such as Quitline or Takiri Mai Te Ata Regional Stop Smoking Service.
  • Patients who want to smoke must leave DHB property to do so. Our staff will advise them that we will not be held responsible for any risks associated with their medical condition or treatment.
  • If patients have community services entering their home, they must provide a smokefree room during the visit.
  • Parents or carers of admitted children will be asked about tobacco use and the smokefree status or otherwise of their home environment. This provides an opportunity to offer advice and provide cessation support and NRT. Children’s and others’ exposure to second hand smoke is reduced in smokefree homes.
  • Quit cards or prescriptions for 4 to 12 weeks’ supply of subsidised NRT or other stop smoking medications can be issued to patients upon discharge.

Where to go for help

Quitline 0800 778 778

Quitline offers support to smokers wanting to quit via telephone, texting and online. Their advisors will make three attempts to contact you. Quitline advisors are experienced in smoking cessation and can help a person achieve and maintain a quit attempt. Quitline supplies Quit Cards for low cost nicotine patches and/or gum or lozenges, for up to 3 months’ supply. Find out more at

Takiri Mai te Ata Regional Stop Smoking Service 0800 926 257

The Tākiri Mai te Ata Regional Stop Smoking Service (TMTA Stop Smoking Service) is a free face-to-face cessation service in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, Porirua up to Kapiti Coast. Patients will be given access to free nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine patches and/or gum or lozenges) by a qualified Quit Coach, Find out more, including how to access the service, at

GP/PHO services

All GPs can prescribe stop smoking medications and/or refer you to one of the above services. Find a GP from our list of Wellington GPs.

Auahi Kore - Smokefree

Auahi Kore is a Smokefree Māori brand, which supports those Māori who want or have chosen to lead a healthy lifestyle by not smoking. Auahi Kore develops partnerships with the community through the support of important Māori events in sport, arts and culture. Find out more at

Last updated 1 October 2019.