Preparing for a new Paediatric Facility

The Women's Hospital (O&G Block) & the Ward Support Block were commissioned in 1982, (the latter only partially). In late 1982, the Health Department required the Board to undertake a feasibility study concerning the use of the vacated Wards 11,12 and 14 as a new Paediatric Facility. The costs of such adaptation were then compared with erecting a new building, and after much protracted discussion, a decision in favour of the latter was reached.

In 1984, preparations took place for the building of the new Paediatric Department. This would involve the demolition of Wards 11, 12 and 14, as shown in this photograph dated 8/2/84. The 'temporary' Soldiers' Wards - originally Wards 21 and 22, later Wards 12 and 14 - had lasted more than 40 years!

In the background are, from the left, Nurses' Homes 2 and 3, the Women's Hospital (later called the Grace Neill Block) and the 'Main' Nurses' Home

demolition wards 11, 12 and 14

photograph courtesy The Evening Post

The new Children's Hospital

The new Children's Hospital was opened in 1988. It is the red-roofed building seen in the centre of this aerial photograph.

new Childrens hospital

photograph courtesy Photographic Department, Wellington Hospital / Wellington School of Medicine

The new facility houses two wards, an outpatient facility and offices. Neonatal services had earlier transferred from Ward 11 to the Women's Hospital (Grace Neill Block). Once the new Children's Hospital was opened, the old King Edward VII Memorial Children's Hospital could be demolished.

The Seddon Wing was demolished after only 33 years (compared with Toxward's Hospital, which lasted nearly 100 years), and the land became a car park.

The first addition to the original hospital - the block built for Nurses & Paediatric patients - together with the Laboratory & X-ray block (Medical Records), were demolished. In their place, the Wellington Cancer Centre (1997), and more recently the AT&R Unit were built.

A new Emergency Department was opened in 2000, erected on land previously occupied by the Laundry, Kitchen & other service departments.

new Emergency Department

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