The Hypertension Clinic was initially staffed by Sister Doris Gayne and a number of clerk/technicians.
Paula Rhodes recalls that in the 1960s, there were more clerk/technicians in the Hypertension Clinic than there were in Cardiology.   Marilyn Hay recalls that in her time there (1967-1972) the team comprised Sister Gayne, a staff nurse and three or four clerk/technicians.

As with Cardiology, the term clerk/technician was replaced by just technician in the early 1970s.

Some of the staff nurses who worked there were Margaret Easthope, Fay Fitzgerald, Kathleen Kuzmicich and Margaret Malcolm.

Greta Dunbar and Constance Sutherland were two typists who were assigned to Hypertension.   There were several other typists that I cannot name. 
Carmen Chassagne worked in the clinic as a clerk (1977 - 1982) followed by Jessie Campbell (1982 - 1985)

Technicians employed in the Hypertension Clinic appear below.  It is likely that there were additional clerk/technicians not yet identified by me.

Gloria Stairmaid1955 - 1961::Kathleen Martin1957
Barbara Williams1959::Juleen Mald1963 - 1964
Judith O'Connor1963 - 1964::Marie Wicherts1964 - 1965
Gay Bernau1964 - 1965::Lorraine Baird1964 - 1965
Robin Roberts1964 - 1965::Vivienne Sheppard1966
Judith McKnight1966::Lorraine O'Sullivan1966
Marilyn Hay1967 - 1972::Lynette Taylor1968 - 1970
Jean Cochran1969::April Lockley1971
Sylvia Fellowes::Susann Connolly1972
Diane Sorenson1972 - 1973::Robyn Johnston1972 - 1973
Christine Turol1973::Sarah Stogdon1973
Judith Cahill1973 - 1974::Gail Stevenson1975 - 1976
Catherine Robinson1975 - 1976::Joy Mitten1977 - 1978
Sandie McIntosh1978::Mary Harley1979 - 1981
Ruth Clegg1980 - 1989::Karen Crooks1980
Janet Butler1980 - 1981::Phillipa Bull1981
Kathryn Harker1981 - 1987::Jennifer Twist1982 - 1984
Donna Barber-Hughson1984 - 1985::Marion Montgomerie1988 - 
Melva Gould1988 - ::Annabelle Doodie?
Lenore Duffy?::Janet ??
? Sloan?::Maureen ??

Several surnames and a single first name are unknown.  Ron would welcome any knowledge of these missing names, and of missing dates of tenure.


Last updated 8 October 2021.