This section is about the administrative staff - receptionists, filing and booking clerks, and typists who have been part of the Cardiology Department.
In Dr Bowerbank's time, Sister Tattersall acted as receptionist and booking clerk at times when the doctor was seeing his out-patients.  These duties were in addition to those of recording ECGs and BMRs.
In the 1950s and 1960s, it was common to have a nurse - Staff Nurse or Sister - in charge of the Cardiology Department who functioned as the receptionist.  Adrienne Bull was there in this role in the mid 1960s.

From the 1970s, non-nursing front office staff were employed, some of the first being Betty France, Helen Stewart and Eileen Babe.   Those who followed included Heather Glen, Vivienne Ross, Barbara Williams, Joan Martin, Sandy McIntosh, Jan Simpson, Jean Hayes and Norma Edlin.
All known cardiology clerical staff are listed on the next page.

Receptionist, filing and booking functions were typically shared by all clerical staff.

The clerical workforce were key to the smooth running of an ever increasingly busy department, and they also contributed significantly to the happy environment that was Cardiology.


Betty France1972 - 1975::Helen Stewart1972 - 1973
Eileen Babe1974 - 1979::Heather Glen1976 - 1989
Vivienne Ross1976 - 1978::Sandie McIntosh1978 - 1987
Jan Simpson1985 - 1995::Joan Martin1986 - 
Norma Edlin1987 - 2022::Ross Lee1994 - 1996
Julie Philps1995 - 1997::David Purvis1994 - 1997
Katherine Baker1995 - 1996::Elizabeth Lesa-Leiago1995 - 1996
June McSherry1996 - 1997::Dixie Keane1997 - 1998
Jan Frost
  nee Simpson
1997 - 2007::Ruth Graham1999 - 2000
Rashme Naran1999 - 2021::Ainslie Maresca2001 - 2007
Rani Kandiah2003 - 2008::Sarah Fitzgerald2007 - 2008
Petra Veteskova2007::Alison Parkes2007 - 2008
Jean Hayes ::Barbara Williams 
Lyn Grant ::Pravinia Magan 
Angie Massini ::Maxi Genthe 
Clayton Graham ::Veena Pillay 
Mark Purvis ::Gayle Stone 
Helen Purvis

A very important role is that of the clinical typist.   There have been a good number of typists over the years and I am unable to recall all by name.


Anne McBrideJessie LyonsJacqueline Openshaw
Danienne HaugheyBeverley SewellAnne Pettit
Carol FinlaySandra KashdanPatricia Lee
Tui GarrickJulia EnglandKay Martin
Barbara SteelJulia WhittakerGracie Solomon
Andrea WillettSharon CameronJune Campbell
Cath EvansCynthia FalconerAdrienne Frew
Pattie LougheedYanna MethvenJoan Patterson
Linda PeatHelen PhillipsAlison Richards
Joanne SmithJustine TuripaLinda Franklin
Beryl LandersRhonda WalkleyDiane Smith
Margaret MurphyGeraldine Keith


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