Prior to the early 1960s, any medical equipment servicing was done either by the supplier or the hospital electrician. 
The need for a more specialised service was highlighted by developments in cardiac investigation and in cardiac surgery.

As well as the servicing of equipment, the staff of this department designed and built new devices, especially in the field of pacing and electrophysiology.
The biomedical technicians, Don McCallum especially, provided invaluable tuition to the cardiology technicians.
Don McCallum did some pioneering work around electrical safety in the hospital environment.   In later years, much of the work of this group of staff related to checking that the vast array of electrical equipment in use around the hospital was safe.

Below are listed the names of medical electronics technicians (as they were originally known), who were employed prior to 2000.
If there are any omissions, please advise Ron.

Don McCallumLou Morganti
Owen ToughRussell Kean
Noel AshtonDavid Bussell
Don BeswickSimon Domper
John TeppettSek Keong Au
Paul HegginbottomDavid Reid
Brian Adams

Two photographs from 1980 (courtesy Russell Kean):

L to R:  Russell Kean, David Reid, Brian Adams, Sek Keong Au


Back left:  Brian Adams, Back right with back to camera:  David Reid, 
Centre:  Sek Keong Au, Front:  Russell Kean

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