1917Nurse Barbara McKenzie 1917

.                           Children's TheatreChristmas 1935

1945 - from "My Diary", by Nurse Garner1948 - source Dominion newspaper

1948 - Children outside Children's Ward - source: Dominion newspaper1955 ward scene




Children's wards' staff - Christmas 1961


At far left, Sister Rosemary Simpson (Ward 18) and next to her Sister Helen Whelan (Ward 19)


Karitane Nurses Wendy Lau (front row standing, 5th from right)


Yvonne Turksma (kneeling 2nd row at right)



            photograph courtesy Yvonne Mewton nee Turksma

                                                                          1970            1970 - inside Ward 19
                               1977 Ward 18
                                Ward 18              Hilary Harper - Ward 19







  Ward 3, Kenepuru Hospital


    Charge Nurse Helen Henderson at left

Julia Payne, Barbara Diggins and Cathy GibsonL->R: SN Felicity Cardale, Hilary Harper, Teddy Christmas, Rosemary Perkins                               and physio Pauline Payne






Children's Medical Ward in the 1970s
                                                Hilary Harper - CNM Ward 19              Judy McLean - CNM Ward 19


Back row: Barbara Diggins, ?Isle Kaossar, ?

Front row: Hilary Harper, Joan Tait, Arda Yska, Annette Somerville, ?

1993 - Tights and Hats Dress-up Day

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