From the very beginnings of the Children's Hospital, donations of items to the wards were common.  Below are some of these captured on camera.

1931 - Donation of a cot by the Seatoun Junior Red Cross

                   1950 - A Doll's House given by an anonymous donor


1973 - presentation of  an oxygen analyser to Ward 19 by Head Orderly George Taylor to                                                          Sister Rosemary Perkins and Dr H Jeffray Weston

Donation courtesy the Wellington Hospital Orderlies Social Fund

Members of the RNZAF with Julia Payne and Catherine Gibson after their donation of tickets to the Zoo

1988 - Rocking Horse presented tp the Children's Hospital by the Wellington Cancer Society

Pictured are  a 16 month old patient with Staff Nurse Patricia Safey, and former Principal Nurse Gloria Grattan (right) and Children's Hospital Manager Julia Payne (far right)


Service Manager Julia Payne demonstrates the utility of equipment donated by Wellington Traffic Officers in 1991
Two child car seats donated by the NZ Childcare Association, for use when transferring children between Wellington and Kenepuru Hospitals.  Pictured are Rose Cole, CEO NZ Childcare Association (center) with Julia Payne, Clinical Director Child Services and Bruce Jones, Business Manager Women's and Child Health Services.


Trish Martin CNM Ward 19 (left) and Jo Griffin CNS receive donation of toys


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Last updated 29 April 2021.