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Senior medical staff numbers increased significantly during the period 1988 - 2020.  There was also a significant increase in sub-specialty paediatrics. 



Dr Roslyn Selby 1988-2000


Dr C Geoffrey Aiken 1989-1991Dr Joan Corrie 1992-2002

Dr Ross Wilson 1994-present

General Paediatrician


Professor Dawn Elder 1995-present

Dr John McArthur 1996-2013


Professor Keith Grimwood 1997-2007Dr Wayne Nicholls 1997-2000

Professor Lynette Sadleir 1999-present

Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Russell Wills 1999-2001

Community Paediatrician

Dr Alan Farrell 2000-2013

Dr Kate Hall 2000-present

Developmental Paediatrician

Dr Michael Hewson 2000-2018Dr Barkat Hooda 2000-2004

Dr Joel Sadowsky 2000-2008


Dr Andrew Marshall 2001-presentProfessor Esko Wiltshire 2001-presentDr Anu Langdana 2002-2015

Dr Anne Mitchell 2004-2009

Paediatric Oncologist

Dr Harshad Patel 2005-current


Dr Nikki Blair 2006-current

Generaal & Community Paediatrician

Dr Graeme Lear

General Paediatrician 2007 - 2011

Clinical Director 2007 - 2010

Dr Lewis Ingram 2009-2009

Locum Paediatric Oncologist

Dr Helen Miller 2009-current


Dr Sarah Strandjord 2009-2010

Locum Paediatric Oncologist

Dr Anganette Hall 2009-present

Adolescent Physician

Dr Arno Ebner 2010-2015

General Paediatrician and Paediatric  Haematologist and Oncologist


Professor Marie Johannesson 2010-2011


Dr Mwe Mwe Chao 2011

Paediatric Oncologist

Dr Christian Katz 2011

Paediatric Oncologist


Dr Rachel Beard 2012-present

Developmental Paediatrician

Associate Professor Max Berry     2012-present


Dr Todd Koffler 2012-2013

Locum Paediatrician

Dr Tim Savage 2012-present

Paediatric Endocrinologist


Dr Maylin Yap 2012-present

Child Protection & General Paediatrician


Dr Michelle Law 2013-present



   Dr Joanna Ponnampalam 2013-2013

Locum Paediatrician

Dr Alison Pearce 2014-2018

General Paediatrician within shared-care oncology service

Joint Clinical Leader 2017 - 2018

Dr Stuart Nichol 2015-2016

Dr Robert Winkler 2015-present

General Paediatrician

Dr Erik Andersen 2016-present

Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Jagteswar Sandhu 2016-2018

Developmental & General Paediatrician

           Dr Ben Pearson 2017-2018

Locum Paediatrician

Dr Rosalind Wood 2017-present

Paediatrician shared-care Oncology

Dr Angelica Allermo Fletcher 2018-present


Dr Varsha Gandhi 2018-present


Dr Lon McQuillan 2018-2018

Locum Paediatrician

Dr Annette Fischer 2019-2020

Locum Paediatrician

Dr Dimple Goel 2019-2020



Dr Judith Nitert 2020-present

Locum Paediatrician

Dr Maria Saito-Benz 2000-present


 Dr Liz Hesketh   -2008



Paediatric Surgeons


Mr Brendon Bowkett 1998-current

Dr Toni-Maree Wilson 2005-current


Professor Mark Stringer 2016-currentMr Paul Jackson 2016-current


The Paediatric Surgery Team

L->R:  Toni-Maree Wilson, Tim Little (Registrar), Paul Jackson, Brendon Bowkett and Mark Stringer

Last updated 25 September 2020.