Elizabeth Hermansen

Born Elizabeth Cross, Southam, Warwickshire 1849                                             Died Wellington 17 Nov 1888

1871 census England: age 22, Paperbox maker

Around 1874 emigrated to NZ

Began nursing at Wellington Hospital in 1883 or earlier (she was one of Mrs Moore’s graduates – q.v.)

Married Herman Hermansen, the Hospital Dresser, at St Marks Church, Wellington on 4 March 1884

When the Matron Kate Marsden suffered a fall at work in mid September 1885, it was Elizabeth Hermansen who acted as Matron in her place. By the end of 1885 it was clear that Kate Marsden would not be returning to duties and on 4 January 1886 Elizabeth was officially appointed Matron.

Matron Wellington Hospital 1885 - 1888

She would remain in this role until 1888 when ill-health forced her to resign.

Died in 1888 of cancer of the stomach

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