Augusta Wilson Godfrey

b. Bath, Somerset 8 Nov 1846                                       d. Wellington 11 Mar 1923

Educated in England and in Germany

Sailed on ss Cuzoo to Melbourne, then on to New Zealand in June 1878

Spent some years with friends in Wanganui before taking up work as a nurse probationer at Wellington Hospital in 1885.

Augusta GodfreyShe was one of the nurses who co-signed a letter of protest calling for the resignation of the Matron, Kate Marsden. She and the others were dismissed for this action.

However, she was soon back at the hospital as a nurse.

Appointed Matron Wellington Hospital 1 Mar 1890, remaining in that role until 1898.

Ran the Karori Health Resort from 1900. (Last ad. for same in Feb 1901)

Registered as a nurse Jun 1902.

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