From the school's inception in 1883 to 1927, tutoring in nursing was done by matrons, assistant matrons and , from 1908, theatre sisters.  Those involved during this time are listed below:

1883Mrs Bernard MooreMatron
1884-1885Mary KisslingLady Superintendent
1885Kate MarsdenLady Superintendent
1885-1888Elizabeth HermansenMatron
1888-1890Ellen DoughertyMatron
1890-1898Augusta GodfreyMatron
1898-1902; 1904-1916Frances K PayneMatron
1902-1904Ellen PettitMatron
1908-1914Fanny WilsonTheatre Sister
1910-1915Sarah Jane HetheringtonAssistant Matron
1915-1916;   1919-1929Florence E HartTheatre Sister
1916-1928Elizabeth StottMatron
1917Jean ToddAssistant Matron
1917-1919Ada HookerSub-Matron
1918-Ethel Elizabeth Palmes Theatre Sister
1918-1919Maggie PrestonSub-Matron
1921Edith TennentAssistant Matron
1926Gertrude Sophia LamppSub-Matron
1926;  1927Blanche L ClarkTutor Sister (intermittently)


A full-time trained Sister Tutor was not appointed until 1928.  She was Theodora West-Watson who had trained as a nurse at St Thomas' Hospital in London 1914-1918, after which she was awarded a Nightingale Scholarship tenable at King's College Hospital for Women, University of London, for the Sister Tutors' course.  Thereafter she worked at the Radcliffe Infirmary & County Hospital in Oxford.  She arrived in Wellington in July 1928 and promptly started work at the hospital.

Her duties were outlined by the Medical Superintendent:

It can be seen above that for the first time, provision was made to have a six week preliminary training course before entering the wards.

The only photograph of Theodora West-Watson available to me is one taken much later in her life:

Sister West-Watson resigned in 1932.  Sister Jessie Tomlinson was appointed tutor of the preliminary school 1932-1936.  The Matron, Althea Cookson was active in a teaching role 1929 - 1937.

I am not confident that I have identified the names of all subsequent tutors, but below are listed those appointed in the 1930s - 1940s who are known to me.

Jessie Aileen Tomlinson1932 - 1936Preliminary School
Muriel Tattersall1934;  1940 - 1943 
Mary Alicia Compton Tothill1936 - 1939 
Noeline Knight1938 - 1940 
Joyce Halley1938 
Kathleen Joyce Hausmann1939 - 1945 
Susan Isobel Freeman Milne1940 
Lida Jean Lissette1940 - 1947Preliminary School
Sister Page1940Preliminary School
Amy Marion Williams1940 
Kathleen Aventon Moynihan1941 - 1942 
Sister Scott1942Preliminary School
Grace Crammond Stone1942Preliminary School
Marjorie Whittle Astley1943 
Constance Ruth Valentine1944 
Edna Hannah Howard Berg1944 
Ellen Mary Pattle1944 
Henrietta Gwyneth Guise Barrett1944 - 1963 
Berenice Vivienne Ashton Luke1944 - 1960 
Betty Cook1945 - 1950 
Anne Langley McDonald1948 - 1951 
Myrtle Flora ("Vi") Pope1948 - 1957Preliminary School

Some of the tutors above are shown here:










            Jessie Tomlinson                                     Muriel Tattersall.                                    Noeline Knight












                                     Susan Milne                                                        Sisters Lida Lissette and Mavis Paton












                      Sister Kathleen Moynihan                                                                       Sister Scott










            .   Sisters Edna Berg, Constance Valentine and Ellen Pattle







           Sisters Grace Stone and Scott














                        Sister Anne McDonald                                                     Sister Vi Pope



Sister Henrietta Gwyneth Guise Barrett was appointed Principal Tutor of the School of Nursing in 1944.  She had trained at Wellington Hospital in the 1930s, graduating in 1937.

Sister Barrett

Following her retirement in 1963, Sister Barrett recorded her recollections here.

Sister Barrett was followed as Charge Tutor by:

Margaret Jean Cheetham 1963 - 1972

Edith (Edie) Lancaster White  1972 - 1976


Elizabeth Mary Jones 1976 - 1978


Carol Larsen 1978 - 1988


In 1971, the position of Principal Tutor, Wellington Schools of Nursing was established to administer the schools of nursing at Wellington, Hutt, Porirua and St Helen's Hospitals. To this position, Cicely Mary McCurdy (later Cicely Tulloch) was appointed, and remained in that role until 1989.  

Cicely Mary Tulloch nee McCurdy


Tutors appointed during the 1950s included:

M C Berry1951  
Mavis Paton1952 - 1953Dorothy Price1952
M O'Connor1952Joyce Medland1952
Beryl Martindale (Prelim)1952 - 1954Anne Langley McDonald (Prelim)1954 - 1966
Betty Gell1954Yvonne Seta (Prelim)1954
M Hough1954Sister Moffat (Prelim)1954
Allison Tocker1955Sister Chadwick1956
Janet Gumbrill (Prelim)1958Grace Anwyl Hughes (Prelim)1958

Sisters Martindale and Moffat - Prelim


Sister Chadwick - 1956/57



Numbers of tutors greatly increased during the 1960s - 1970s, in part because by now individual tutors were charged with delivering lectures and tutorials on just a small part of the overall syllabus.  

Where a single date (year) is displayed, this generally refers to year of appointment.  Full tenure of appointment is frequently unknown to me.

The names of tutors below are those known to me - there may have been more.  In some instances records available do not clarify whether a 'tutor' was employed in the School of Nursing or in some other field - eg. physiotherapy.


Anne Hall (Prelim)1962S Kidd (Prelim)1962
Gwendolen C Sievers1962Anne Gawith1963
Joyce Motley1964Gwynne Elizabeth Fox (Prelim)1966
Mary B Gilmore (Prelim)1966Victoria Meldrum (Prelim)1966
J F Sumner1966B V Rhodes (?Prelim)1966
C A McKinnon (?Prelim)1966N L Olsen1966
J L Siemssen (Obstetrics)1966Shirley P Hutchison1966
Alison Florence Brace1967  
June V Moore1967Sister Davidson (Prelim)1967
Christine E Manders1967Ruth Thompson1968 - 1969
Philippa L Hall1969 - 1973Bessie Jean Honore1969
Bernice E Collins1969 - 1977Lesley Cooper1969
Beverley Dunlop (OT tutor)1969Dinah Jean McAulay1969
Pauline D McInnes (Community Health)1969Daphne L Cosgrove (Community Health)1969
Julia H Magill-Guerdin1969Mavis H Parminter         (Prelim - charge)1969
May J Pemberton (Prelim)1969Eliza Joyce Lukies1969
Violet A Talbot1969Janice A Woon1969
Voila Olive Tyler1969Rae Joan Toswill1969
Caryll A Watson1969Roslyn A Penna1969
B J Baker1969Sheryl B M Glasson1969
Angela J Sommerville1969Victoria A Costley1969
Patricia J Northcote1969 - 1971Dinah Jean Hedger1969 - 1974



Susan M Hall1970Vivienne La Bone1970
Elizabeth R Hepi1970Ella Margaret McLeod1970
Pamela J Wilkie1970Patricia E G Watt1970
Betty I G Gardner1970 - 1972Jane A Brennan1970 - 1972
Barbara L King1970 - 1973Marilyn A Harris1970 - 1973
Janine P Gould1970 - 1971Cicely S Black1971
Jeannie L Harrison1971 - 1973Beverley J Hughes1971 - 1973
Patricia E Henderson1971 - 1974Kathleen I Glass1971 - 1975
Merian C Litchfield1971 - 1975Prudence J Ashford1971 - 1978
Barbara H Edmonson1971 - 1982Bridget Bruce-Smith1971
Alys Lynette Rogers1971Mary E Oakly1971
Ann Tossman1971Miriam R Oliver1971
Nancy J Dams (nee Carroll)1971Melva J Clarkson1972 - 1978
Barbara Anne Bond1972 - 1980Patricia A Green1973 - 1985
Atherly Ursula Baillie1973Laura Harrison1973
Patricia R Isbister1973Mary E Roberts1973
Margaret L Busby1973A Smith1973
Judy P Frith1973C E Maunderson1973
K J Kelliher1973D M Kelly1973
Charlotte Curtis1973R J Wells1973
S Tomkins1973M Henry1973
Prue J Nemet1973Maureen M Lawton1973
R R Nelson1973B J Hughes1973
M H Wallis1973E Dean1973
M Baldwin1973Allison L Chappell1973
Beverley J Chappell1973Averill E Hastings1973
Patricia Bridges1973McCulloughs1973
Janet Anne Taylor1973 - 1975Brenda E Lendium1973 - 1975
Margaret E Tredray1973 - 1976Jillian Caughley1973 - 1976
Elaine A Vinton1973 - 1977Rona M Wilding1973 - 1977
Heather Brand1974Gaile Bilton1974 - 1975
Judith M Dillon1974 - 1975Jocelyn C Cowan1974 - 1975
Ann M Lepper1974 - 1978Elizabeth J Young1975 - 1977
P Jacobs1976Robyn K Steele1976
Diana Murray1976 - 1978Chris Lawley1976 - 1979
Sylvia Nemeth1976 - 1979Christine M Farley1977 - 1978
Murray James Payne1977Margaret A Jackson1978
Janet R Clark1978 - 1979Elizabeth Mary Jones1978 - 1979
Sheen Crabb1978 - 1979Daphne M Tier1978 - 1979
Rosaline K Guzzwell1978 - 1982Lesley D Gillespie1978 - 1980
Mary R Bremner1978 - 1980Yuet Oi Chee1978 - 1980
Lorraine S Anderson1979 - 1980Diana Caldwell1979 - 1980
Yvonne N Havetta1979 - 1981Ngaire G Nicol1979 - 1985
Susan Saul1979 - 1985Shotton1979

There were of course moments of relaxation ----

A 'team' of tutors assembled on the hospital tennis/netball courts, in support of the nurses' netball team who were playing a team of doctors.

L->R: Prue Nemet (possibly), Judy Frith, Chris Manders, Carol Larsen, Merian Litchfield, "Rigor Mortis" (dressed as a nurse), Heather Brand, Jill Caughley and Edie White (Head of School).

1980s - 1990s

Patricia M (Paddy) Nicol1980 - 1984Jeannie Douche1982
Sue Whitely1982Townsley1982
Beth Steele1982Margaret Ruth Stevens1982 - 1991
Lucy Kay Gunn1982Patricia Ann Goodyear1987 - 1991
Patricia Jane Goldsmith1991  


Some of the Tutors in charge of the Preliminary School appear below:









      Mavis Paton 1950-1953                  Vi Pope 1953-1959           Anne McDonald 1963-1966    Mavis Parminter 1968-1970











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