In compiling these pages I have drawn on material contained in the book 'Wellington Hospital - Educating Nurses for more than a century 1883 - 1991' by Anne L. McDonald and Cicely M. Tulloch. Other sources include CCDHB, MOH and Nursing Council archives located at Archives NZ, images and other material held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, in Kai Tiaki (courtesy NZNO), in Papers Past, and images from the Wellington Hospital photographic archive.
I am particularly grateful for assistance from Amanda Otzen, Research Librarian at NZNO, and to Joan Loeber, Cicely Tulloch, Carol Larsen, Wendy O'Brien, Margaret Cooper, Edie White, Jayne Krisjanous, Jo Walton, Leigh Gibson, Effie Rankin, Diana Murray, Mae Carson, Jan and Euan Galloway, Jenni Gibson, Jane Holst-Larkin, Leanna Menchi and many others for their recollections and other contributions. Andrea McCance, Sheryl Hunt, Kathy Trezise and Leanne Havill have been most helpful.
Last updated 18 May 2019.