Note: In the timeline below, new nationwide events, rules and regulations are shown in italics

1883           Wellington School of Nursing opens  -  the first in New Zealand

1884-1895  Course of one year, examination at conclusion

1896           Course now three years.  Two examinations - junior and senior anatomy & physiology

1900           Additional examination  -  Hospital Final

1901          The Nurses Registration Act

1902          First State Final Examination

1904          Registration of Midwives

1904          Opening of Nurses' Home, including a lecture hall

1925          Nurses and Midwives Registration Act

1926          Preliminary School established

1928          Appointment of first permanent Tutor Sister

1928          Front Block opened, included improved facilities for Senior School

1929          New entrants admitted to School as classes - 3-4 annually

1934          Block lectures introduced

1939          New Senior School opens

1939          Two year course for Registered Nursing Aides

1944          Preliminary School moves into newly-opened 210-Block

1944          Hutt Hospital opens

1947          Male Nurses first registered in NZ

1952         Male Nurses School established at Silverstream Hospital

1966          Community Nurse courses and registration introduced

1966          St Helen's Hospital now administered by Wellington Hospital Board

1971          Porirua Hospital now administered by Wellington Hospital Board

1971          Wellington School of Nursing now has three departments - general nursing, midwifery and psychiatric  nursing

1973          Preliminary School moves to Mertex House, Adelaide Road

1973          Wellington Polytechnic School of Nursing opens

1974          Senior School moved to prefabs adjacent to No.2 Nurses Home

1977          Nurses Act - Community Nurses now Enrolled Nurses and course shortened from 18 months to one year

1980          Opening of new Senior School in Link Block

1982          Last class for 3-yr general training commences

1985          Last 3-yr general class graduates

1992          Last Enrolled Nurse class graduates

1992          Wellington School of Nursing closes


Last updated 24 March 2019.