The Capital and Coast  DEU Philosophy

The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) model of clinical teaching and learning is a partnership between organisations, the education provider Massey University (Massey),,Victoria University and Whitireia New Zealand (Whitireia) and Capital and  Coast.. Collaboration allows practice areas to provide a more supportive clinical learning and teaching environment for students. DEUs are dedicated to supporting nursing students on clinical placement encouraging incidental and intentional learning modes, and peer teaching. The DEU is based on an Australian model and offers an alternative to the Preceptorship model to focus on student learning and curriculum integration. 




 Nurse Educator
Workforce and Practice Development Unit

Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley

DDI: 04 806 0608




Education for new CLN and ALN

  • Workshop bookings via Connect me  or email::
  • Refresher workshop  27th  October 2023
  • Full day orientation workshops  19th  May 2023 


All student allocations are on the teams  link that has been sent previously to clinical areas.

2023 Ins and Outs: This indicates dates and lengths of programme placements at Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley 

Information for Students

The Dedicated Education Unit is a model to support students from all programmes and levels of training. Please read the student roles and responsibilities  and ensure you have become familiar with the allocated clinical area on the clinical learning environment web page.

What will you notice? All staff will be your preceptors and will provide support and feedback during your placement. The clinical liaison nurse (Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley) and academic liaison nurse (University) will be your main contacts and will meet with you weekly for feed back and will complete any assessment paper work you have. It is important that you come prepared with learning objectives and be proactive in take responsibility for your own learning.

Current Dedicated Education Units

7 North

7 South

6 South

Ward 6 Kenepuru

6 North

6 East 

5 South

5 North

Kenepuru:  Health of the older person wards 4 and 5

Kenepuru ward 7 (KSU)

Te Whare o Maitarangi

Per-operative Services: Wellington Theatre, PACU,.SSR/SAU

Child health wards one and two


MHAIDS  Adolescent Forensic :Papatuanuku (the forensic team) Nga Taiohi and Hikitia

MHAIDS Adult Forensic Rangipapa/Purehurehu

MHAIDS Rehabilitation Tane Mahuta/Tawhirimatea



DEU Handbook

Roster templates

roster 1

roster 2

roster 3

roster grid

Daily running logs for students

TEP Agreed form (Massey)

Transition placement document 2023

Information third year transition ACE


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Last updated 17 April 2023.