Health Care Home is a collaboration between Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) and Primary Health Organisations. The CCDHB Health Care Model started in 2016 and has been rolled out to 34 practices in the CCDHB region, reaching approximately 80 percent (240,000 people) of the CCDHB enrolled population in September 2019.


People that are enrolled with a Health Care Home Practice are able to access same day appointments, technology that enables communication directly with their GP and visibility to results. Health Care Home model of care strengthens pro-active care for complex patients and allows those with long term conditions to receive care in their communities. This means people receive the care they need at their local general practice and in some cases save a trip to the GP altogether.

Patients of Health Care Home practices can expect:

  • Urgent same day appointments

  • Extended practice hours

  • To view test results online

  • to message their GP

  • to receive specialist advice and treatment through local practices

Health Care Home allows the system to be more proactive for complex and at-risk patients and means patients are able to build relationships with their team, with the focus being much more about prevention than treatment. Building on that General Practice knowledge and utilising community health services supports people to stay at home and active in their community for longer.

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‘All the other components of Health Care Homes have helped ensure that workflow is much better. Ensuring that there’s better on day appointment availability, better triage, looking at roles, the LEAN business model and approaches to, for example, room standardisation. These are all fantastic and so firmly integrated that we take them for granted now.
The sum of all those little parts is really what the magic of Health Care Home is’ - Dr Jeff Lowe
Dr Jeff Lowe

Powerpoint about Health Care Home

Last updated 26 August 2020.