MB ChB (NZ) 1928, FFARACS 1966

Born Taranaki 26 Jul 1902                                 Died Wanganui 6 Mar 1982

Jessie Burnett

Educated at St Mary;s College, Stratford and at Queen Margaret College, Wellington

General practice with her husband Leslie in New Plymouth and in Balclutha, before they travelled to Edinburgh for Leslie's postgraduate training.

Returned to NZ in 1932, setting up joint practice in Hunterville. In 1941, as a result of Lelsie having a major cerebral embolism, the family moved to Wellington.

Jessie set up a general practice and practised anaesthesia

Visiting Anaesthetist, Wellington Hospital 1942 - 1971

Visiting Anaesthetist, Bassam Plastic Surgery Hospital for children 1942 - 1972


Obituary: NZMJ 1982 95:237


photograph courtesy NZMJ
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