A hospital can only operate with a well-integrated staff comprising nurses, doctors (both junior and senior), allied health professionals and a wide range of support staff.  Over the years, total staff numbers have progressively increased to match patient load.

At the beginning the full-time staff were few in number as shown in this 1885 photograph.

1885 staff

There had been some increase in staff numbers by 1891 as seen in the photograph below.

1891 staff
Key: ( L->R )                                                                                                                                                                                      
Back row: Mr Toner (porter), Mr Hermansen (dresser), Nurses Brown, O'Dell, Roberts, Hunt, Stevenson, Tasker, Miss Godfrey (Matron), Nurses Playle, Farmer, F K Payne, Cheyne, Mr Rountree (Steward), Nurse Kerr                                                            
Sitting: Nurses Reese, Mason, Dougherty, Dr Ewart (Medical Superintendent), Mrs Ewart, Dr Martin, Nurse Laura Heath (Dispenser), Nurse Richardson                                                                                                                                                  
Front row: Nurses Rowley, Willis, Snodgrass, Childs, Nellens, Bath, Beetham, Rutherford, Begg, Anketell                                                                                  
Absent: Nurse Dorset

By 1901 numbers had already increased as seen below:

1901 staff

This archive focuses on the senior medical staff.

The mini-biographies are grouped in twenty-year blocks according to the year in which a staff member was first appointed.

Last updated 26 October 2021.