Henry Carter Castriot DeRENZI

MRCS (Eng) 1891, LRCP (Lond) 1891

Born 1869                        Died London 8 Nov 1905

Trained at Westminster Hospital Medical School, London

Prizem in Clinical Surgery; Honours in Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Practical Surgery and Materia Medica

Assistant Demonstrator in Anatomy, Practical Physiology and Pathology, Westminster Hospital Medical School

Prosector of Anatomy, Examination Board, England

HS, Westminster Hospital 1892

Clinical Assistant, Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital 1893

Senior HS, Resident Obstetric Assistant and Clinical Assistant Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital 1894

Surgeon and Clinical Assistant, Skin Department, Westminster Hospital 1895

Surgeon British India RMS "Dunera"

Surgeon, Telegraph, Construction and Maintenance Co. SS "Calabria"

Medical Referee, Pioneer and other Insurance Companies, Blackpool 1896 - 1897

First registered as a medical practitioner in NZ 6 Jan 1898

Initially practised in Christchurch, but by 1901 had moved to Wellington

Honorary Surgeon, Wellington Hospital 1900 - 1903

Developed locomotor ataxia around 1902, and died from bulbar paralysis at age 36yrs

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