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Ward Sisters / Charge Nurses


Sister Frances Price was placed in charge of the new children's hospital.

1912 - 1915

During her tenure, Sister Price was relieved for short periods (due to illness) by

.                  .               Gertrude Grace Meddins  (October 1912)  and by Ethel Jane Lloyd (Nov 1912 - Feb 1913) 


(there are many gaps in subsequent listings of ward sisters)


During WW1, there was a general shortage of ward sisters at the hospital as many had gone to serve at the Front.  For six months of this period, Grace Neill filled in as Sister-in-Charge of the Children's Hospital, despite being now 69 years of age.

Jun - Dec 1915

Next followed Sister Annie Evans (Dec 1915 - Mar 1917),  Sister Maggie Preston (1917 - Jul 1918) and Sister Myrtle Davies (1918)


In 1925, Blanche Clarke was appointed Sister in Charge of the Children's Hospital.

1925 - 1926

 Later that year she was required to relive as Home Sister and the Children's Hospital became under the charge of Sister Murray.  Sister Clarke returned to Children's Hospital duties and remained there into 1926.

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