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Our Clinical Trials Unit has a dedicated pharmacy for dispensing and storing study agents. Services include:

  • controlled ambient room temperature with 24-hour monitoring
  • secure storage of study drugs and devices
  • a facility for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies and cytotoxic drugs
  • 24-hour alarm-monitored refrigerated storage (4°C) of IP.

As part of a regional hospital, we also have access to all the usual hospital services including our hospital pharmacy.


We have a dedicated laboratory in our unit with up-to-date services including:

  • secure access and storage
  • temperature controlled centrifuges (chilled and regular)
  • 24-hour monitored freezer storage (-5°C, -20°C and -80°C)
  • sample processing facilities
  • biohazard disposal
  • sample incubator.

We also have access to all hospital services including analytical laboratory processing.

Clinical areas

Our dedicated research unit includes a range of facilities to meet the needs of different clinical trials, including:

  • a four-bed isolation suite – equipped with monitoring equipment plus isolation toilet and shower
  • two double bedrooms – with monitoring equipment, suitable for studies requiring a calm and private environment
  • a four-bed suite – with monitoring equipment suitable for day-cases and/or overnight studies
  • spacious, multi-functional procedure room – capable of accommodating specialised equipment
  • treatment room/phlebotomy facilities – for taking samples and giving treatments
  • two consulting suites
  • a research kitchen – a dedicated space is available for research related to dietary and nutritional intake. The kitchen also has tea and coffee making facilities and television/Bluetooth.
  • two interview rooms, ideally suited for:
    • informed consent
    • monitoring visits
    • interviews
    • questionnaire completion.
Last updated 3 April 2024.