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What we do

This service provides assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for people aged 16 years and upwards with neurological conditions such as stroke or brain injury, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions.

Rehabilitation helps restore and relearn lost abilities. We aim to assist patients and whanau to transition to their next stage and to identify realistic goals and expectations.  We do this by providing patient-centred and targeted rehabilitation through an interdisciplinary service.

Our nursing, therapy, medical and technical staff work closely with you and your family/whānau and friends, to design and implement individualised programmes to help you carry out day to day tasks.

In some cases this requires finding new ways of doing everyday activities and you are encouraged to do as much for yourself as you can safely do.

We provide treatment at hospital and in the community.

Care in hospital

All wards have a team of experienced staff with specialised skills to provide individualised assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to enable people to discharge from hospital and to adjust to temporary or permanent changes to their functioning, health status and ability to live their life as they used to.

There is a specialist rehabilitation ward at Kenepuru Community Hospital for people recovering from a stroke or other neurological condition

These teams

  • assess medical, physical and cognitive functioning
  • design your individual rehabilitation programme
  • train you to use any recommended equipment
  • advise you on home modifications
  • help you adjust to going home, for example organising home support
  • help organise a residential placement
  • support you to adapt to life changes
  • support and educate your family / carers.

While in hospital, you’ll be are encouraged to complete usual routines, including being up and dressed during the day and to have meals in the patient dayroom where appropriate.

Care in the community

 Members of the ORA community team will visit you at home and help you participate in meaningful day to day activities. This will include assessment of your condition and treatment and rehabilitation needs.


The community team will develop specialised rehabilitation programme for you.  Depending on your needs, this may include:

  • Community or home visits
  • Outpatient treatments
  • Worksite assessments & return to work planning
  • Coordination of the rehabilitation programme
  • Support and advocacy for you and their family / whānau carers
  • Helping you access community services, groups and organisations
  • Specialist ACC contracted rehabilitation (e.g. training for independence programmes).

The community teams are based in Newtown, Porirua and as Kāpiti Health Centre.  They have strong links with community groups and will connect you with other support in your community.


We accept referrals from a range of sources including:

  • General Practitioners and other primary healthcare providers
  • Inpatient and outpatient services at Capital & Coast Health and other District Health Boards
  • Any health professional
  • Capital Support (Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Agency for people with a disability)
  • Care Coordination Centre (Needs Assessment and Service Coordination for older adults and people with long term conditions that meet specific criteria)


Last updated 15 September 2020.