How do I find the Gastroenterology Department?

Most procedures and clinics are located at Wellington Regional Hospital on level 6 of the Clinical Services Block.

You can follow the directions on the Map here

Some procedures including ERCPs and some complex procedures are performed elsewhere in the hospital.  Please see your appointment letter for details.

Some procedures and clinics are performed at Kenepuru hospital – this Map can be accessed here


Can I be asleep for my procedure?

For most procedures you can be given sedating medication via an IV line in your vein which will help to relax you and make the procedure more tolerable. This is not a general anaesthetic but most patients tolerate procedures well with this medication. In most cases you will be able to leave the department approximately 1 hour after your procedure.

You cannot drive or make important decisions after sedation, so it is important you have someone to drive you home. Some patients decide to have their procedure with no sedation – this is an individual choice.

You will be sent an information sheet relevant to your procedure in the mail once your appointment has been booked.


I feel anxious about having my procedure, who should I talk to?

If you have had a previous bad experience with an Endoscopic procedure, or have PTSD or anxiety it is important we know.

Endoscopic procedures are invasive and it is normal to feel nervous, however if you feel that the experience of your procedure may be a trigger for you please contact the department to talk to a doctor or nurse prior to your appointment. If you are having a colonoscopy you will have a telephone or face to face pre-assessment with a nurse where you can confidentially discuss any fears or concerns.  This preassessment can be arranged for all other procedures at your request.

We want our patients to feel comfortable and supported and will work with you to achieve this so you are able to undergo your procedure.


I want sedation but I don’t have anyone to drive me home, what should I do?

Our department is unable to offer a transport service, however, you can catch a taxi, bus or uber with a friend, family member or neighbour.  There is a hospital shuttle between Kenepuru and Wellington hospitals that you can book.  You must have someone to accompany you home as sedation can make you feel sleepy for several hours following administration.  Sometimes we can help find solutions so let us know if this is an issue for you.


Last updated 24 February 2021.