You may need to attend a planning appointment or several pre-assessment appointments before your treatment.  If brachytherapy is your only treatment with us, you will receive a letter telling you when your appointments are .  On the day of your first appointment please come to the Radiation Treatment department and check in at reception.

We’re on Level 2 of Wellington Regional Hospital.  If you are coming from the underground car park, take the green lift to level 2.

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You’ll talk to the Radiation Oncologist in charge of your treatment and meet a brachytherapy radiation therapist.  This is a good chance to ask questions about your treatment. We’ll do a series of tests to make sure you are able to have brachytherapy.

These tests may include a CT/MRI scan, anaesthetic assessment, bladder function tests and/or blood tests.  You are welcome to bring a support person.

Last updated 25 August 2023.