You’ll receive your treatment in the Radiation Treatment department. We're located off the main foyer of Wellington Regional Hospital.  When you arrive, please check in at reception and a brachytherapy radiation therapist will meet you.

Radiation treatment reception

You will be awake during your treatment.  If you’re receiving prostate brach ytherapy or a prostate biopsy, you’ll be asleep

Applicators will be placed in your body to deliver the treatment. 

Applicator insertion/placement

The applicators are attached to the brachytherapy machine. 

The process for inserting/placing the applicators is different depending on the site being treated. by thin tubes.

Your treatment team will leave the room while the treatment is being delivered, but they will be watching you on CCTV cameras at all times.

Radiation will travel down the tubes into the applicators.  You won’t feel anything from the radiation while the treatment is being delivered.  

After your treatment is complete, your radiation therapist will confirm that the radiation levels in the room have returned to normal.  

Types of Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is used to treat the following cancers:

Last updated 29 August 2023.