MB ChB (Edin) 1943, DO RCS (Eng) 1954

Born Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland 1916                         Died Wellington 3 Jan 1987

Educated Stirling High and Herriods; Edinburgh University

HS, Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary 1944

Medical missionary work Zululand (Natal) 1944-1948

Visiting Medical Officer, King Edward VII Hospital for Africans, Durban 1948-1952

Postgraduate study in ophthalmology at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary 1952-54

Full-time ophthalmologist, King Edward VII Hospital, Durban 1955-1957

Visiting Ophthalmologist, King Edward VII Hospital 1957-1960

Visiting Ophthalmologist, Wellington Hospital 1960 - 1974,

where he ran the children's eye clinic.


Obituary: NZMJ 1987 100:156

Last updated 30 October 2016.