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Thomas Noel USHER

LDS (Edin) 1908, LRCP&S (Edin) 1910, LRFP&S (Glas) 1910

Born Gisborne 1882                Died Wellington 12 Sep 1950

Thomas Usher

Educated at Nelson College

Initially trained in dentistry in Wellington, then in Edinburgh


Practised in Nelson and Brunnerton 1912 - 1915

Medical Superintendent, Grey Hospital, Greymouth 1917 - 1920

Moved to Wellington in 1920, setting up what was to become a large general practice in Newtown

Honorary Children's Surgeon, Wellington Hospital 1924 - 1928

Pioneered surgery for cleft palate and hare lip in Wellington

Retired from practice in 1947


Obituary: NZMJ 1950 49:604




photograoh courtesy NZMJ
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