Kāpiti residents who have been clinically assessed by Wellington Free Ambulance paramedics can now be treated closer to home by their GP or local medical centre, avoiding a trip to the Emergency Department.

Treating patients in the most appropriate and timely way is paramount for all healthcare providers. Sometimes a trip to the Emergency Department is not the most suitable clinical pathway when wait times can be several hours, higher priority emergencies take precedent and patients face a long journey home again. In some cases, where a trip to hospital is not necessary, being treated by your GP who knows your medical history and recent treatment is more effective and more comfortable.


How it works

You will be assessed by Wellington Free Ambulance paramedics. They will assess you to determine the best sort of ongoing treatment or care. If appropriate, they will contact your GP and arrange transport to your local practice, where you will be treated for free.

The service is not funded for ‘walk ins’. If you are transported to a medical centre by ambulance, you will be treated for free. If you are unwell, and it is not an emergency, you should phone your doctor in the first instance. Your medical practice will be able to advise you if you are eligible for a funded visit.

While free to the patient, the cost to GPs is funded by Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley.

Once your GP has accepted and treated you, there may still be a need for you to go to the ED. In this case, your GP will call Wellington Free Ambulance and request assistance to transport you to hospital.

If your condition is more serious or you need treatment only available from the hospital you will be transported to Wellington Regional Hospital ED.  


Getting home

You are responsible for your own transport home. We are hopeful you will find making your way home from your local GP less problematic than from Wellington Regional Hospital ED.


Service hours

At this stage this service is available 7 days a week, from 8am-10pm. There is no overnight service. If Team Medical has closed and you require immediate care you will be taken to Wellington Regional Hospital ED.


Medical Centres providing care

All nine Medical Centres in Kāpiti are part of the ED Diversion programme. In addition, Team Medical and Waikanae Health offer after-hours services for Kāpiti.

If you are registered with General Practice in Kāpiti, once assessed by paramedics and agreed eligible for funded treatment at a local centre, you can be seen by your GP in the first instance, or at a local medical centre if their GP is unavailable.

If you are seen by paramedics and are not registered for General Practice in Kāpiti, you can be treated at Waikanae Health and Team Medical.

More information

Speak to your doctor or medical practice in the first instance.

The ED Diversion programme is a collaboration with Tū Ora Compass PHO, Wellington Free Ambulance, Kāpiti GPs and the Kāpiti Health Advisory Group with a focus on making urgent and after hours primary health care more accessible to Kāpiti residents.





Last updated 24 October 2023.