The Kenepuru Maternity Unit is part of Kenepuru Community Hospital on Raiha Street in Porirua.

Kenepuru Maternity Unit is a primary birthing facility. This simply means that while at the Unit you are under the care of your midwife. If you are booked to birth at the unit it is assumed that you are healthy and well, that you have no underlying health issues and that you will remain well throughout your pregnancy.

The current evidence shows that women who have had good antenatal care and are assessed as low risk for complications, will give birth to healthy babies and need fewer interventions if they are supported to give birth in a primary maternity unit.

As long as you and your baby remain well and stable though the labour, your midwife has all the skills and resources necessary to support you to birth at the unit. If at any time this were to change, your midwife will discuss with you and your family how best to manage these changes safely. Your postnatal care is provided by the CCDHB midwives in partnership with your LMC and guided by a detailed plan of care.

Please also consider that there may be other women and families at the unit needing a quiet and restful space.

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Visiting hours

Visiting hours are between 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 8pm. Partners are welcome to visit anytime between 7am and 8pm. 


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Last updated 1 November 2023.