A doctor who specialises in Medical Oncology and prescribes your chemotherapy or other treatment is known as a Medical Oncologist.


Nurses will administer your chemotherapy and/or other treatment.  Nurses in the Blood and Cancer Centre and Ward 5 North are trained to administer chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Clinical Nurse Specialists work closely with the doctors in your team and the nurses delivering your treatment.  They are experts in your particular diagnosis and the treatment(s) you may require.  They can provide support and education to you and your whanau.

Cancer Nurse Coordinators

You may be contacted by one of our Cancer Nurse Coordinators prior to starting your treatment.  They can assist with navigating appointments and any needs you may have in the lead up to treatment.

Vascular Access Team

This is a team that specialises in putting intravenous needles and lines in.  You may not meet them but if you require a special line in and they will do this for you. 

Palliative Care Services

Palliative Care can help you and your family / whānau if you have a life limiting illness. This service can assist you early on in your illness, when you first find out what is wrong, or during treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The Palliative Care team can offer advice on troublesome symptoms, or help with emotional support, or to talk through difficult decisions and choices that you have to make with your family/whānau.

The team works in partnership with your Oncologists and other support services that are involved with your care; there are Palliative Care services both within the Hospital and Community (hospice services).

Social workers

A cancer diagnosis is not just a medical event, it brings with it changes to the way you and your family live your lives and experience the world.  Our Oncology Social Workers can talk to you about the changes that your diagnosis has had on your life and support you to access services that can help you manage them.  

They can also provide counselling and emotional support if you are feeling anxious, down or worried about your health, family or the future.  If you would like to speak to an Oncology Social Worker, ask a member of your radiation treatment team to refer you.


Our team of receptionists will be able to help you with your appointments and if you need to make any changes to these.  They are often the first people you see when you come in and can know all about your appointments and when they will be.

Cancer Society Volunteers

We have several Cancer Society Volunteers who come into the Day Ward and Ward 5 North to help to provide refreshments and meals to patients while they are receiving their treatment.

Last updated 23 October 2020.