Published Thursday 19 Jan 2023

Ka Pai and a big thank you to everyone who donated bras and other items to Project Uplift

Supporting people across the Pacific Islands with donated bras, the Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley’s collection for Project Uplift was an overwhelming success with over 2,000 bras donated.

Along with the number of bras (which included sizes that are hard to buy in the Pacific Islands), staff gave away brand new underwear and six large boxes of cloth nappies.

Your heart-warming generosity was widely appreciated by the many happy recipients!

Project Uplift Regional Coordinator Andrea Berrett said, “The people in the villages are not get paid very well, so they are always appreciative of the bras that volunteers bring to Fiji every six months. They divide the bras equally between all of the staff, who also share them with their wider family and friends. Most recently they asked for some specific types that were very hard to get, such as 18 plus sizes, maternity bras, and sports bras for the school girls. They also love all the new underwear people put in.”

Women from the Nakorosule Village in the Province of Naitasiri in Fiji are some people who received our donation. One of the volunteers who took the bras over said it didn’t take long for the ladies to get into their new attire.

“We managed to give 18 women five bras each,” said Vinaka Vakalevu.

“Funny thing is the next day, we could see some of those women wearing their new bras. I want to thank you all for your generosity. I guarantee that those women who got bras will in turn give a couple away to other women.”

Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley Sustainability Advisor Shelley Johnstone was delighted with the response of the bras being received, and said it was a perfect example of how we can make a difference with our reusable goods."

“This feedback is very heartening and it is lovely to see the recipients’ smiling faces. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Project Uplift and provide these important and sometimes hard-to-find items to those in need. It also reminds us to always consider if an item that has no further use to us can be reused by others who may find it valuable, and how we can act more sustainably by reducing waste and extending the life of our belongings.”